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Since I graduated from medical school in 1969 I have been rocketed in Vietnam, shot at by a U.S. warship, attacked with a knife in a California emergency room and bombed (100 yards away) in Pakistan.  While in the U.S. Navy I had many unique experiences.  I ran a unit that treated up to 200 casualties a day in Vietnam, was the senior Navy medical officer on the Apollo 13 recovery, and lived in Japan for 1 Ĺ years.  I was on a special warfare submarine and worked with Seal Team and UDT units in North Vietnam in addition to the South Vietnamese Sea Commandos.  Taking advantage of this time to travel around the Pacific and Australia, I experienced scuba diving in all the prime places including sitting in a Japanese Zero at 90 feet in the Truk Lagoon.

With two partners, I established the pioneering concept of a full time emergency department.  It would be another seven years before emergency medicine would be recognized as a specialty.  During that time I trained paramedics and was involved in child abuse prevention.  I attended police academy and worked eight years as a volunteer patrolman in Oceanside, CA, a high crime rate city.  The skills I learned allowed me to rapidly disarm the knife wielder I mentioned in the opening sentence. 

In 1979 I did the Landmark Forum and have continued in transformational work since that time.  In 1987 I went to Pakistan with the International Medical Corps to support Afghan freedom fighters in their war against the Russians by training them to be medics.  On returning I began teaching emergency medicine and trauma care.

I have climbed Mt. Rainier twice and I enjoy running races and training for triathlons.  Recently I have had the fortune and misfortune of experiencing the point of view of a patient.  Iíve had back surgery and an extensive injury to my right ankle and foot which has required five surgeries.  During my rehabilitation I graduated from Coach U and started a coaching practice using all my unique history and extensive training in working with clients.

My advice to new coaches regarding specializing:  Find out what the people who you like to be around need that you can provide by combining your unique talents and history with what you love to do.


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