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As a physician for 30 years I have had the good fortune of getting familiar with many of the problems that physicians face either personally, through my colleagues or by participating on peer-review committees.  Even better fortune is that I have survived … and even thrived.  Through my practice of Emergency Medicine in both teaching and community hospitals and have seen common patterns.  Often, physicians’ clinical skills are brilliant while their business skills are undeveloped and, even worse, their personal life skills have been neglected for years.  As an emergency physician who relies on rapid diagnosis and treatment, I specialize in swift significant results.  To facilitate this coaching style I am certified in the use of a number of very effective assessments.

Coaching has been especially beneficial in my own life and can be valuable for anyone who is willing to reliably do the work that it takes to make significant changes. My coaching is based in the view that happy, healthy and openly communicative physicians can have long productive careers and fulfilling lives.  It simply requires that they be willing to work on it.

I also bring to coaching a background in consulting on medical malpractice cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in addition to insurance companies and the Medical Board of California. 

I have practiced and taught emergency medicine at a large county hospital (San Francisco General Hospital), a small county hospital (San Mateo County General Hospital), a large community hospital (Tri-City Medical Center), a small community hospital (Alvarado Medical Center) and a military hospital (Letterman Army Medical Center).


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