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Medical Economics, January 8, 2001, The Business Magazine of the Medical Profession. “Matching personal needs and style with practice setting”
Medical Economics, January 10, 2000, The Business Magazine of the Medical Profession.    In a series of articles on coaching, Dr. Farmer was featured in "Could a coach get you motivated about medicine?  How to find the right coach."
"So You're a Player.  Do You Need a Coach?", Fortune Magazine, February 21, 2000, pp. 144-154.  Not an article about Dr. Farmer, but a great article on coaching.
"Your Health Advisor and You", a chapter in the book  Whose Body Is It Anyway?: Smart Alternative and Traditional Health Choices For Women by Joan Kenley, Ph.D., 
The Art and Science of Listening", San Francisco Medicine, December, 1989.  An article outlining the distinctions of effectively listening for curing, caring, coaching and certainty. (Article)
"Listening To Patients", Keynote Speaker, Health Communications Conference, Monterey, CA, 1991.  A lecture demonstrating the power of distinctions in listening.
"Replacing Gossiping and Complaining With Effective Action".  A one day workshop in association with The HealthCom Group, 1990
"Professional Satisfaction For Nurses: Ending Burnout and Generating Satisfaction and Fulfillment".  A two day workshop in association with The HealthCom Group, 1990
"Risk Prevention and Control Through Quality Care",  A one day seminar in association with California Medical Review, 1989
"Why Me (or You)?", San Francisco Medicine, September, 1990.  An article promoting the value of volunteerism.
"Getting The Most From Your Relationship With Your Doctor", San Francisco Medicine, January, 1991.  An article intended to assist patients in achieving an effective and satisfying relationship with their doctor. (Article)
Who's Who In California, 1989
"Your Children's Partners in their Health", (with Kathy Farmer, P.A.).  A chapter in the book Developing Child/Developing Parent by Jewel and Marshall Serwitz, 1988
"Stress Management, Time Management and Various Medical Emergencies".   A one week program delivered in Germany and Hawaii for the U.S. State Department Embassy Education Program, 1984


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