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Solid teams are able to accomplish great feats in the face of barriers such as inadequate resources and environmental resistance.  The T.E.A.M.S. (Teams Evolving And Mastering Success) System provides the tools and means for groups to discover and clarify what makesthe group effective or ineffective and allows them to make the necessary adjustments.  The coaching addresses:

            * Work Management Skills: How the team determines and manages the specific tasks and 
               resources related to their mission.
            * Group Processes: Group functions such as participation, meeting management, learning, and creativity.
            * Relationships: Feelings, attitudes and behaviors that most reflect the team's interpersonal relationships.
            * Leadership: How the team leader functions to support and facilitate all aspects of the team process 
               and the specific elements of team functioning covered in the survey.

The T.E.A.M.S. System of coaching will:
            * Empower group responsibility
            * Create comprehensive, targeted assessments of a team's developmental needs
            * Enhance executive coaching programs
            * Determine whether a team is right for a specific situation
            * Transform work groups into real teams
            * Provide pre- and post-assessments for effective training or development programs

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