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Warrior Coaching

Peace and agility in the midst of the fray!  
The ability to stand and deliver without distraction or fixation.  
The wisdom to do the right thing in the right way at the right time . 

By staying true to our unique strengths, talents and passions, we forge an exciting competitive edge in swiftly accomplishing the biggest challenges of life. 

What do I mean by competitive edge?
The earliest detection ... of the greatest opportunity or most subtle threat … plus the energy and resources ... to seize the moment.
I call it “Performance With Pizazz!”. 

Is living life this way easy?  Of course not.  
Is it possible?  Absolutely … if you’ve got the hunger and will for mastery.  
Is it fun?  You bet.

 I bring an eclectic Warrior perspective drawn from years of experience as a student, teacher, physician and coach in situations as diverse as emergency rooms, trauma centers, big business, special warfare units, a refugee camp with Afghan freedom fighters, and on the street as a cop. 

Are you out to make a big difference?
Do you have a competitive edge?
Are you ready to take action on living your best possible life?
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For comments or further information, contact Pete Farmer at or 615.942.6637